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plant at the Tularosa Public Library

You can find this beautiful plant in the library courtyard.

Friends of the Tularosa Library

What We Do

Host fundraisers, guest speakers and other special events to raise funds for the Tularosa Public Library

Meetings: 4th Thursday of the month, 5:30pm

Friends are enthusiastic supporters like you who help provide the library with materials and technology to enhance research and promote academic learning. Like you, they seek to improve the quality and services of the Tularosa Public Library. Friends of the Library enables students and community members to enjoy the privileges of a first-rate library.

Current FOL president: Debbie Figueroa

Working Together

Friends work together to make things happen. Friends of the Library, through dues and fund raisers, can purchase books, furniture, computer software, book detection systems, whatever needs that the library may have.

Helping in Many Ways

Friends help in other ways too. They are on hand to organize and supervise fund raising events for the library, attend and extend goodwill to neighboring library functions, and make visiting authors, artists, and crafts people feel at home.

Ambassadors to the Community

As a Friend of the Library, you will become Tularosa's ambassador to the community and a patron of art and literature. You will know that you are helping to enrich our community and the lives of our children. Your dues will help continue the programs already in place and facilitate new ones.

Join Us

Join us and meet fascinating authors and artists and renew old acquaintances at events. We accept new members at any time.

Meetings are currently scheduled to be the 4th Thursday of every month at 1 pm. Please call the library to confirm this date. Everyone is welcome!

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