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What is a Database?

Databases are also known as electronic resources. A database is an online collection of magazine, newspaper, or journal articles. Like websites, databases are accessible online, usually with password protection or other authentication.

These library databases allow you to search for full-text articles found in magazines, newspapers, or journals. These are the same exact articles you would find if you were looking at the magazine or newspaper. Each article in the database will identify which publication it was originally from.

How is a website different than a database?
Your average website often does not identify an author or source. The information found on websites is not always reliable, as anyone can publish anything on the web. Databases usually contain more reliable information.

Database Access
The Tularosa Public Library and the New Mexico State Library pay for a subscription that allows you to access these databases for free, from your home computer or the library computers. Any library patron may request a password to use these databases. Please visit, call or email to get your password.

Access the Databases
(requires password--call library, 585-2711)

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